Graduation Gifts, Certificates and much Gratitude


Medicine Show 2012-13

A final walk to the swamp!

Apprentice Challenge #8

  Erin’s Biters:: Dandelion Root, Fennel, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Peel, Cardamon Shannon’s Brain Bitters::3 Orange Peels, 11 Cloves, 10 Gingko leaves, 1oz Bacopa, 1 oz Dandelion root, 8 Cardamon Pods, Vodka Brie’s Bitters::… Continue reading

Cultural History of plants that changed the world!

“sub rosa” (latin) means “under the rose” and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality. Hops Timelines: ¬†¬† Lisa teaching us all about Okra! Who knew that it was in the… Continue reading

12 Month Herbal Health Protocol

April’s (above) Bri’s Devon’s Nathalie’s Jenny’s

A Cacao Filled Solstice

        Enchiladas with mole lavender lemon infused white chocolate, truffles x4 Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony (recipe here) (Recipes to Follow) ¬†chocolate pecan pie

Just for fun: At home medicine cabinets!

Zoom Balls, ZZZZZZZ Balls and HighBalls!

A Chai Tasting Tea Party! Recipes! Nathalie’s Digestive Warming Chai: Black Peppercorns Cloves Tulsi Fennel Cinammon Chips Ginger root April’s Ramblin’ Rose Vanilla Chai Vanilla Flavored Black Tea Roses Vanilla Extract Cinammon Fresh… Continue reading